Garden Rooms and Home Offices

Has your job transitioned to a work-from-home role? Whether you’re working at home permanently or on a flexible basis, having a dedicated office space ensures optimal focus and concentration. BOC Contractors Ltd builds bespoke garden buildings in line with your exact requirements. Our structures fall within local authority planning and building rights.

Of course, you don’t have to use your garden room as a home office. Because we design and build a room around you, these installations have the versatility to fulfil a wide range of uses away from the distractions of your home. You can use yours as a workout studio, home cinema, garden bar, creative space, workshop, reading room or a place dedicated to peace, relaxation and mindfulness.

In fact, you can also opt for a hybrid room that solves multiple needs. For example, you can split your space with one-third for storage and two-thirds for the primary use.

We source market-leading materials for our garden rooms, allowing us to deliver results that last long into the future. The framing is always premium treated timber, while we use highly durable GRP fibreglass for the roofing.

The cladding consists of composite cement board. Available in an array of colours, you can rest assured, your new room will fit seamlessly into your existing garden environment.


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